Meta Maschinenbild Haus Lange


Maschinenbild Haus Lange is a kinetic sculpture created by Jean Tinguely in 1960. Jean Tinguely published the plans for it in the exhibition catalogue, so that anyone could build it. Once it had been built, all one had to do was send photos to Jean Tinguely and in return he would receive a sticker with his signature on it (if it conformed to the plans, of course).

What you see is a formal copy of this work but revisited with digital technologies allowing greater freedom in the design of the movements (at the expense of mechanical simplicity though).

The movements are created by Paul Guyot. Meta Maschinenbild Haus Lange is sensitive to touch and can react to certain sounds. Sounds made by machines. For example, it can recognise 1960 played by the keys of a telephone and in this case it reproduces exactly the movement of Jean Tinguely's sculpture.

Technical specifications

Price and availability

For obvious reasons, multiplié do not sell this work.

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