Laetitia Perrin


Nanika ("Something" in Japanese) is an autonomous, independent robot created by the ceramist and architect Laetitia Perrin in collaboration with multiplié for the technical part.

The idea came from Robert Breer's moving sculptures (called "floats") which are objects that move very slowly in a room. It turns out that one of these pieces was to be made in "multiples" by the gallery Multiples, Inc (in 1970) but this project never saw the light of day. It is also a tribute to one of the pioneers of cybernetics, Grey Walter. In 1950, Grey Walter designed and built electronic tortoises that moved and changed direction according to light, among other things.

Nanika is made of sandstone and is equipped with distance sensors allowing Nanika to know part of its environment. Nanika moves according to chance, his moods and what it perceives of its surroundings.

Laetitia Perrin

Architect by profession and passionate about crafts, Laetitia Perrin chose ceramics 16 years ago. Under the name of Pinpin Céramiques, she makes unique everyday pieces, characterised by their materiality and their pure form.

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