Restless Equilibrium

Linnea Ekelöf


Restless Equilibrium is a tribute to the concept of "Vector Equilibrium" beautifully explained by Buckminster Fuller in a famous video.

Restless Equilibrium is a kinetic sculpture that uses tensegrity ("Structures established by tensegrity are thus stabilised, not by the strength of each of their constituents, but by the distribution and balance of mechanical stresses throughout the structure") while playing on the structure with stepper motors on 3 of the axes.

Linnea Ekelöf

Linnea Ekelöf is a Swedish artist who lives and works in Barcelona. She recently graduated from the Beaux-Arts in Le Mans (specialising in mechatronics).

The movements of the sculpture have benefited from the initial advice of the choreographer Maria Donata D'Urso (one of whose choreographies uses this same "self-supporting" form).

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