Who are you?

We are a small team led by Olivier Mével, founder of multiplié.

Olivier is one of the pioneers of the Internet of Things, co-founder and creator of the Nabaztag, he also created one of the first French digital agencies in 1994 (BaBeL) and co-founded and directed for 10 years a design office specialising in connected objects and environments (Enero).

Where can I see the objects published by multiplié?

multiplié regularly organises exhibitions, the next one will take place in June 2023. Subscribe to the newsletter to be informed of the date and place.

Are these numbered editions?

With some exceptions, all the objects are numbered with a certificate of authenticity signed by the authors.

What about the durability of these technological objects?

This is a central question: digital technology has an unfortunate tendency to organise its own obsolescence for the greater benefit of manufacturers. This may be due either to technologies that are no longer in use or because the products are linked to an online service and this service no longer exists.

The emblematic and precursory example of this situation is the Nabaztag. It is no longer compatible with modern Wifi networks and the services that brought it to life have died.

Multiplied offers several solutions to this:
- The first is to provide buyers with all the information, documents, files and source code they need to repair their product, either by themselves or by calling on the services of craftsmen.
- The second is to minimise the use of online services. Minimise because obviously some functions require access to the Internet.
- Finally, the third is to use sustainable technologies with a strong community support (Raspberry Pi and Arduino for example).

Why is it so expensive?

Indeed, it is reasonable to ask why these objects cost several hundred euros when you can buy connected objects that are often much more sophisticated for less than 100 euros.

One of the main reasons is that they are handmade.

The objects are produced in batches of a few dozen and are made and assembled by hand by the creators themselves. This, together with the fact that the components and materials used are often very expensive or time-consuming to manufacture (ceramics, for example), means that the price may seem high, but it is the only one that allows this new creative space to survive financially.

How can I keep up to date with multiplié?

The only way to keep up to date is to subscribe to the newsletter. And if you want to relay our news on social networks, don't hesitate!

Can I send you a job application?

Yes, we'll look at your application carefully and get back to you quickly.

Authors and architects

I have a project, can you help me?

Yes, we are already working on various custom projects for public places and interiors. Go to multiplié.fr/en/7/custom-work">this page and contact us.

I am an author, what can you offer me?

What we offer to authors in terms of design assistance is very varied, if some authors are at ease in all the domains involved in the design of a living electronic object, others master only a part of it and that is also very good. In the latter case, multiplié acts as a design office and can also suggest collaborations to the author.

In addition, we provide marketing and commercialization of the products as well as first level technical support. The production of the works can be taken care of by the author or by multiplié.

Contact us if you are interested!

Guarantee, delivery and returns

Are the objects guaranteed?

Yes, they are guaranteed for 2 years. And after these 2 years? As mentioned above, the durability of electronic items is very important to us. We are therefore committed to repairing them or finding you someone who can repair them.

What delivery method do you use?

In most cases we send the products with Colissimo (La Poste), a tracked and insured shipment. Other delivery services are available on request.

Can I return my item if I don't like it?

Yes, you have 14 days to return the item (in its packaging and in perfect condition) at your expense. We will reimburse you (excluding delivery costs) upon receipt of the package.