Antoine Schmitt


This is how Antoine Schmitt describes TIME SLIP: "On an LED display, a text unrolls the news endlessly, but it is in the future tense: 'A plane will crash in Madrid, killing 153 people', 'OM will beat PSG 3-0', 'The stock market will fall by 5.6%'... Apart from the verb tense, the news is entirely and textually true and taken from current events.

TIME SLIP is built on an ad hoc program that automatically draws its information in real time from official news agencies, selects some of them and changes their verb tense from past or present to future. TIME SLIP is always up to date. It is a programmed generative work.

Originally conceived as an installation in 2008, TIME SLIP is now also available in multiples.

Antoine Schmitt

Antoine Schmitt is a visual artist who creates works in the form of objects, installations and situations to deal with the processes of movement and to question the intrinsic problems of a plastic, philosophical or social nature. Heir to kinetic art and cybernetic art, nourished by metaphysical science fiction, he tirelessly questions the dynamic interactions between human nature and the nature of reality.

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