The first internet-connected product


In 2005, the situation is very serious: there is no way to access information on the Internet without a computer. Fortunately, one object is going to revolutionise the way we access services on the Internet.

It's not a phone, it's a rabbit.

It has sold 150,000 units worldwide and has gathered a dynamic and enthusiastic community of users. An opera was even composed especially for him. It has become a mere decorative object since the servers were shut down in 2010, but it is now back thanks to a kit, called TagTagTag, developed by its creators (among them, Olivier Mével, founder of multiplié), which brings back to life the first connected object, a pioneer in voice assistants. The TagTagTag kit is available here.

multiplié is selling a serie of 10 brand new Nabaztag fully equiped with the TagTagTag kit.

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