Cécile Adam & Pascale Moise

Do you know the Minitel?

This very french computer pioneering online services?
Well, this is about reviving it! It's quite simple: you just have to plug a mini-Minitel specially designed on the real Minitel (that you have kept or that you can get on ebay probably) and turn it on.

The MiniMit contains an electronic card that connects to a Wifi network on one side and to the Minitel's DIN socket on the other, thus creating a bridge between old and new technologies.

This mini-Minitel will contain a dozen old services, the phone directory, games, astrology, news, the famous 3615 ULLA (in the form of a chatbot using the famous Eliza programme developed in the 1960s by Joseph Weizenbaum).... It's a real return to the 80s.

For more and detailes information, check the page on the pre-ordering site (in French only).

Pascale Moise & Cécile Adam

It turns out that the vast majority of the Minitel archives have disappeared. No one seems to have bothered to keep a trace of all these services. Fortunately, Pascale Moise and Cécile Adam, two Minitel pioneers, are in the process of redeveloping some of the emblematic services by carrying out digital archaeology work.

Other collaborations

A collaboration between multiplié and the CEGZ.project duo is currently in progress.

MiniMit is currently soldout (only 2 are available with their Minitel) but there's a waiting list if you want to be notified.

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