Mónica Rikić


SPIRALSPACE is a series of objects created by Mónica Rikić. They are colourful robotic objects that mix mechanical, psychedelic and spiritual systems representing the inside of an artificial brain. Specifically, they are devices with gears that animate regularly and a screen that displays texts written by Mónica Rikić.

Mónica has been working for years on the concept of artificial spirituality. How, apart from the concepts of artificial intelligence that are now well known, machines could be so alive that they could also experience communion with higher beings.

Mónica Rikić

Mónica Rikić is a Spanish artist living and working in Barcelona. She focuses her practice on code, electronics and non-digital objects to create interactive projects often described as experimental games.

She is interested in the social impact of technology, human-machine coexistence and the reappropriation of technological systems and devices, in order to manipulate and rethink them through art. From educational approaches to sociological experimentation, it aims to propose alternative ways of thinking about technology, robotics and artificial intelligence.

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